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Executive Order 20-11

Places of worship, funeral homes, and other venues that offer gathering space for weddings, funerals, or planned services such as worship, rituals, prayer meetings, or scripture studies, may host such weddings, funerals, or services may be conducted at 100% capacity.  Masking and social distancing are still required.

Please Note: At this time, our funeral home is NOT permitting funeral luncheons at our funeral home.


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    Byron Funeral Home offers cremation plans starting at $2,995.00

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    Latest Testimonial:

    Tessa Olive

     I cannot thank Jay and Mary at Byron Funeral Home enough for the kindness and compassion they had shown at the passing of my Dad. They were wonderful to work with and helped us navigate through such a difficult time. We appreciated all of their help and guidance. Thank you so much for everything you did for me and my Mom. Forever grateful.

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