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Public Announcement

Executive Order 20-62

Places of worship, funeral homes, and other venues that offer gathering space for weddings, funerals, or planned services such as worship, rituals, prayer meetings, or scripture studies, may host such weddings, funerals, or services with over 10 people, provided that they adhere to the below requirements:

  1. In all settings, ensure a minimum of 6 feet of physical distancing between households.
  2. In indoor settings, occupancy must not exceed 50 percent of the normal occupant capacity as determined by the fire marshal, with a maximum of 250 people in a single self-contained space.
  3. In outdoor settings, gatherings must not exceed 250 individuals.

At this time, our funeral home is NOT permitting funeral luncheons at our funeral home.


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Byron Funeral Home offers cremation plans starting at $2,495.00

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Latest Testimonial:

Losing a loved one is so difficult and not knowing what to do to make arrangements is very daunting. Jay walked us through the process and helped us honor my dad with a beautiful service. Mary was also a huge help in getting the obituary written and answering any crazy question we had. The staff the day of the funeral saw to all of the details and took a lot of the pressure off of us. I will always be grateful for the help they gave us during such a difficult time.

-Kim Bender

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